Pub Night Assistant Volunteer

Position Activity: Bartending / Serving, Event Helpers, Visiting / Chatting / Socializing

3-3 hours / Monthly
2012 66 Ave SE Calgary, Calgary, AB, T2C 1X7 [Map]
Suitability: Youth
Purpose - Our purpose is to engage seniors within games, activities and special events which promote healthy, active living and help to enhance the overall quality of life. 

Hours - The Pub Night Assistant hours include the second Friday of every month at 6:30pm lasting from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. 

Role & Responsibilities - 
- The role of the volunteer would be to assist the lead Activity Aide in the setting up, facilitation, and clean-up/closing of the special entertainment event held at Beaverdam Lodge. 
-The volunteer would assist in setting up tables, chairs, food and beverage preparation and serving to residents. 
- The volunteer would be encouraged to engage socially with residents of Beaverdam Lodge, providing an exciting and social environment. 

Screening Requirements - 
- Vulnerable Persons Police Screening
- Parental Consent (if necessary)