Good Companions 50+ Align Their Volunteer Standards

To walk into the Good Companions 50+ Club is a humbling experience. You sign in, and directly next to the sign in sheet is their volunteer hours tracking binder.  Their membership aren’t one-off volunteers. They commit hundreds of hours each per year to supporting their club, their community, and the causes that matter to them.

Despite the thousands of hours that they collectively give back to Calgary, their last full-time volunteer program manager completed her role in 2009 due to funding constraints.

This volunteer manager had developed so many great work flows, documents and processes, but without the manpower to sort through the work and prioritize next steps, as with many organizations this type of resource sat on the shelf.

Enter the Transform Your Story Fund and Good Companions were able to bring the professionalism of volunteer management back to the forefront. Their consultant, Sharelene, supported them in refining their documentation, ensuring that their processes aligned to the Canadian Code of Volunteer Involvement, and in making a case for a full or part time role for a volunteer manager going forward.