Transform Your Story Propels Hangar Flight to New Heights

When the Hangar Flight Museum first came to Propellus, they were looking to apply to the Transform Your Story Fund to improve their marketing efforts. Having recently undergone a branding and name change (they were formerly known as the Aero Space Museum), they were eager to ensure that Calgarians knew who they were, where they were and the unique artifacts and exhibits that they have to offer. 

The primary goal was to bring more people through the door. And yet, as we dug a little deeper into their needs, we found that the area of most benefit would be in fund development. Member surveys pointed to a desire to see a consistent changeover of exhibits. 

The problem was that current staffing needs had not allowed for a Collections Manager. Project funding would tend to be temporary and not allow for a permanent hire that could focus on enhancing visitor experience. 

As soon as we recognized this priority, the scope of the Chevron-funded Transform Your Story grant shifted to fund development. We brought together a small team from the Hangar Flight Museum's staff and board, and led them through the process to create a fund development pipeline. 

By the end of our time together, they had begun to think of their funding needs as assets, as mutually beneficial investments for the right sponsor or partner. They had a tool kit that then allowed them to move forward, to act as a stepping stone, in their work with consultants on a formal fund development strategy with the potential for major donors and maybe even a capital campaign. 

We were honoured to work with the Hangar Flight Museum and support them in their mission to inspire dreams of flight. 

As with any other nonprofit, we need operational money and support. We would love to get someone in for six months or a year and focus on visitor experience - that would be a game changer for us. Anne Lindsay-Macleod, Hangar Flight Museum