Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth Engages Volunteers

In the fall of 2016, The Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth (CBFY) undertook a project to develop a robust volunteer program complete with structure and policies. For over 27 years, CBFY has supported immigrant and refugee youth and their families through a variety of programs that build their clients’ information, knowledge and experience as they build a life in Canada. Despite the great work that they do, CBFY did not have a volunteer program, an opportunity that was greatly desired by past program participants as a way to give back.

As a result of our work with CBFY, they have now undergone a complete cycle of volunteer recruitment, management and recognition. Having recruited 90 volunteers by the end of 2016, their volunteers were able to contribute to programs including the Afterschool, Mentorship and In School Settlement program. 

More passionate than ever about volunteerism, they are on a mission to engage 150 volunteers by 2019. Help them achieve this goal here.