TYS Podcast Ep 6: What Does Good Governance Look Like? with Bill Brandon

Governance. It's a tricky topic, and for many of us, it's one that we steer clear of. And yet... good governance is really what makes our organizations tick, how we achieve our missions, and how we provide solid leadership.

In this episode we're joined by Governance Guru of the consulting firm, Impact 8, Bill Brandon.

Bill walks us through:

  • the basics: how to define governance, the board vs. governance committee, etc. 
  • the top issues he frequently sees in governance
  • top advice for boards shifting from an operational focus to a governance board model
  • how to coach board members to ask good questions
  • what a good orientation for board members looks like
  • how to achieve real change while balancing fiduciary duties and the risks involved with that
  • and so much more!