TYS Podcast Ep 5: Top Tips for Donor Communications with Tom Ahern

Today on the podcast we're joined by international donor communications expert, Tom Ahern. Tom opens his expert toolkit and shares his advice.

We talk about:

  • how to ask for restricted funds
  • how to communicate challenging news
  • how to make annual reports more interesting
  • how to maximize your newsletter (and how is doing it well)
  • how to tell your story if you don't have the easy sell story
  • and so much more... 

You can find Tom at http://www.aherncomm.com/ 

Find access to Tom's various books here http://www.aherncomm.com/books/ 

Other resources that Tom mentioned include:

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"What can I do that won't look like 99% of the other mail in my mailbox?" Tom Ahern, Ahern Communications