TYS Podcast Ep 4: How Do We Collaborate? with Blythe Butler

In this episode we're joined by Blythe Butler, a Calgary-based consultant whose practice focuses on strategy, evaluation, change management and capacity building to support the development of adaptive learning cultures within organizations. 

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The reason we brought Blythe to the mic is because she has significant on the ground experience in growing a network with diverse member organizations: the First 2000 Days Network. The First 2000 Days Network is focused on collective impact in early childhood development outcomes. We talk about:

  • how do you know whether a network is right for you?
  • what collective impact means
  • how shared evaluation can work
  • whether organizations can come together if they're in different places financially, based on their growth-phase, or philosophically
  • her top advice for organizations looking to collaborate

Links to the resources and information discussed are below:

First 2000 Days Network

Human Venture Institute

Tamarack Institute - Collective Impact

FSG Collective Impact Forum

Monitor Institute - Network Science

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"Don't ignore what makes people tick. We know what that is." Blythe Butler, First 2000 Days Network