Our workshops are designed to help you hone your skills, kick up your confidence and strengthen your LinkedIn. Whether you are an experienced professional or new to your role, our in-house learning experiences have been designed to inspire new ideas, refine your understanding of best practices, and give you the tangible tools you need to take on tomorrow.

Customized Learning

If you need to train your entire team our workshops can be brought abroad to educate your squad. We are happy to tailor our training to suit your team’s specific needs and deliver it at a location of your choosing!

If you’re looking to get specialized help from an expert in the field or need some precise advice we can connect you with the right resources, scope out a project that fits your budget and help point you in the right direction, give us a call.

Upcoming Workshops

Once Upon a Time: Attracting Investment Propellus Board Room More Details

Are you struggling to articulate the impact of your mission in a grant, a nomination for an award or with a funder? Attend this session to learn to tell the story of your impact in a way that will attract the community investment.
$50 for members.

Proof is in the Pudding: Evaluation Basics Propellus Board Room More Details

Do you want to measure the progress in your mission but don’t know where to start? At this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of developing and using your own evaluation plan so you can prove your successes and improve your services.
$50 for members.

Where Talent Meets Opportunity: Engaging Skills Based Volunteers Propellus Board Room More Details

Wondering how you can engage skills based volunteers in your organization? Learn to spot the opportunities for skills based volunteers and understand how to attract them to your meaningful opportunities.
$50 for members.

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