Our workshops are designed to help you hone your skills, kick up your confidence and strengthen your LinkedIn. Whether you are an experienced professional or new to your role, our in-house learning experiences have been designed to inspire new ideas, refine your understanding of best practices, and give you the tangible tools you need to take on tomorrow.

Customized Learning

If you need to train your entire team our workshops can be brought abroad to educate your squad. We are happy to tailor our training to suit your team’s specific needs and deliver it at a location of your choosing!

If you’re looking to get specialized help from an expert in the field or need some precise advice we can connect you with the right resources, scope out a project that fits your budget and help point you in the right direction, give us a call.

Upcoming Workshops

Beyond the Front Line: Involving Volunteers in Projects at Any Level in Your Org Kahanoff Centre (2nd Floor) More Details

People are smart, talented and capable, they don't change when they enter your organization to volunteer. Engaging people in volunteer roles in 2019 means being creative and purposeful in the types of roles. This training will offer insights and ideas on how to incorporate volunteers into your organization from the board down.
$50 for members.

Starting with Why: The How To's of Program Design Kahanoff Centre (2nd Floor) More Details

By developing a solid program design, your program will have the best possible chance of achieving its objectives and improving quality of life for your clients. Whether you are looking to improve an existing program or to create a new one, this workshop will guide you through the six phases of program design, ensuring that your program is built on sound research and best practice. 

Basics are the Building Blocks Kahanoff Centre (2nd Floor) More Details

Engaging volunteers is not a science but a firm foundation will create a meaningful experience for volunteers. This facilitated learning session is best for people who are new to volunteer engagement. Participants will walk away with an understanding of the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement and how it can apply to their organization.
$50 for members.

So You’ve Been At This Awhile: Learn What is New in Volunteer Engagement Kahanoff Centre (2nd Floor) More Details

Designed for people who have been engaging humans in volunteerism for a couple years. This session is a facilitated and research-based discussion on the ways to empower, motivate and engage people in building community through volunteerism.

$50 for members.

Proof is in the Pudding: Evaluation Basics Kahanoff Centre (2nd Floor) More Details

Do you want to measure your progress towards your mission, but don’t know where to start?  At this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of developing and using your own evaluation plan so you can prove your successes and improve your services.

People Over Process: Safety in Volunteer Programs that Doesn’t Drive People Away Kahanoff Centre (2nd Floor) More Details

Screening is an important aspect of any volunteer program. This training will give you an understanding of best practices around screening and how to remove barriers to ensure you are finding the right human for the role.
$50 for members.

What to Expect When You Are Governing: Understanding Your Board Role Kahanoff Centre (2nd Floor) More Details

Understand the basic functions and responsibilities of non-profit boards. This workshop will provide participants with helpful skills to apply to their own boards. It will include topics related to structure, best practices, and practical exercises to apply governance in your non-profit.
$50 for members.

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