Volunteer Engagement

We are digitizing all of our 60+ years of volunteer knowledge and resources. That means you can have us sitting at your desk at any given time of the day, giving you more capacity to recruit, train and retain volunteers.

Our goal is to provide you with the connections to make your ideas flourish so that you can create more good in our community.

VolunteerConnnector Partners

We’re not doing this alone either! We are leading a group of like-minded volunteer centres that are focused on bringing you the simple, affordable way to engage new and existing volunteers most effectively.

Volunteer centres who partner with us and use the VolunteerConnector in their communities include:


Volunteer Cochrane

Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations

Okotoks Volunteer Resource Centre

St. Albert Community Information & Volunteer Centre

Volunteer Strathcona

Are you interested in having the VolunteerConnector in your community? Contact us today!