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We do some really cool research into the way people want to volunteer. We also review how you are engaging volunteers and compare the two. We do all of this through the engagement and analysis that happens on the VolunteerConnector.

Feb 2020 - Representing Volunteers in Saskatchewan

When engaging volunteers in Saskatchewan, it’s most helpful to remember that volunteers understand the value of the time they give and are very willing to contribute to causes. They are not looking for much recognition, but it is clear they do want is an opportunity to use and gain new skills.

Overall, volunteers want us all to know they reflect the caring community spirit in Saskatchewan!

Jul 2019 - Economic Value of Volunteering

Volunteering is vital to our community and society. It provides benefits to volunteers themselves and to the organizations they serve in. When we talk about the value of volunteering, we encourage a narrative that includes stories of impact on volunteers, clients and organizations to get the full picture of the value of volunteerism.

May 2019 - What are Volunteers Interested in Doing?

Trends in volunteering tend to mirror the thoughts and actions of our beliefs and values as a society. The single biggest change in volunteerism that has occurred in the last 50 years can be seen in the barriers to greater volunteerism. This change can be summed up in two statements:

OLD BARRIER: “I don’t have enough time to volunteer!” NEW BARRIER: “I can’t find anything interesting to do!”

Apr 2019 - Representing Volunteers in Alberta

Rural volunteers are regularly asked to get involved by their fellow community members – and they do, with an assortment of groups, in many different ways. Their focus is contributing to their community.

Urban volunteers are perhaps less directly connected to their communities and are thus scanning the internet for ways to get involved with the causes they care about. Their focus is contributing to a cause.

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