Partners & Collaboration

Making an impact in the non-profit community requires a lot more than just our good ideas and know-how. We are always learning new things, working with others, engaging in new networks and listening to feedback in order to serve you better.

Below are some examples of the collaborations and community partnerships we use to strengthen the non-profit sector.


We are a part of some great collaborative initiatives that exist to support the non-profit sector. We would like for you to know about them.

Alberta Nonprofit Network - As one of the founding members of the Alberta Nonprofit Network (ABNN), we take time out of our day-to-day roles to talk with other like-minded organizations around the province. ABNN creates the space for big ideas and innovative solutions. Through engagement and collaboration, ABNN catalyzes a provincial network to address strategic issues and challenges. 

Board Leadership Calgary - We know that affordable, accessible learning opportunities are so important. In particular, volunteers who are serving on non-profit boards require just that extra little bit of support to ensure their board experience is both meaningful and productive. With that in mind we are one of the organizing members of Board Leadership Calgary (BLC). BLC is a learning collaborative that was formed in 2013 for this very purpose. Every year, BLC learning events focus on local speakers and presenters that can relate to topics within the local context of volunteer governance.

VolunteerConnector - Finally, you probably want to know what we are doing and who we are working with to digitize volunteerism across our communities. That is done with and through our volunteer engagement partners of the .


We hold a membership with a few organizations that provide leadership to our sector and issues related to volunteerism. We think you may want to consider getting your voice heard through them as well.

Volunteer Alberta is a diverse and inclusive member association strengthening and creating pathways for volunteerism and civic engagement in Alberta.

Volunteer Canada provides national leadership and expertise on volunteerism to increase the participation, quality and diversity of volunteer experiences.

Imagine Canada works to bolster the charities, nonprofits and social entrepreneurs that build, enrich and define our nation and the communities they support around the globe.

Community Partners

In case you are wondering who else is available to support your non-profit needs, here are a few groups we regularly hang out with.

CCVO promotes and strengthens the nonprofit sector by developing and sharing resources and knowledge, building connections, leading collaborative work, and giving voice to critical issues affecting the sector.

GenerousSolutions is a ticket selling, payment processing, data management platform, designed for the unique needs of Nonprofits. We offer branded event pages and tickets, online processing of event funds, and consolidation of donor data from each event, in one cost effective and easy to use platform.

Impact8 is a collaboration of seven Calgary area consultants committed to the success of the nonprofit sector. Recognizing both the strengths and challenges of the sector, we assist individuals, organizations, subsectors and the sector as a whole to increase community impact.

IntegralOrg assists your nonprofit or charity to carry out its mission, through a comprehensive suite of services that build your organization's capacity. We offer education and support in foundational areas like governance, legal compliance, financial management, strategic planning, change management, and risk management.

Technology Helps is a non-profit that works with other non-profits to enhance and maintain proper, secure IT solutions. Technology Helps has a vision to end technology poverty in the non-profit and charitable sector.