Organizational Check-up

Are you starting something new at your organization? Are you looking to partner with another non-profit? Do you need to amplify your message to the rest of the community? We can help!

The first step is to grab a coffee with one of our staff. OUR TREAT!

It is our goal to empower you to create more good in our community and we want to do everything and anything to provide you with the right advice, resources, and connections to make your ideas flourish!


Is your non-profit in chaos? Do you feel a lack of control? Is your staff disengaged? Has your board hit a ceiling? Ask us for an organizational check-up using our Organization Assessment Tool (OAT). We can help you to plan your team's learning activities in order to position you to better achieve your mission and create awesomeness in the community!

May we recommend that you participate in one of the following offerings by us or our valued partners:

Learning Communities, Workshops, Clinics & Coaching, or Customized Learning along with our Resource Bank

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