Customer Complaint Policy


Volunteer Centre of Calgary (Propellus) is committed to providing the best possible service we can. We recognise that sometimes customers will feel they have cause to complain about the service they receive. We are always pleased to receive compliments and complaints because they help us improve the services we provide.

Policy Statement


A customer is any individual who engages with Propellus in its operations.

Complaint Principles

Any person may make a complaint to Propellus. All complaints will be treated with fairness, integrity and respect with consideration to Propellus values.

Propellus aims to resolve complaints quickly, fairly and effectively. We will:

  • Aim to put things right quickly for our customers when they go wrong
  • Keep our customers informed of the progress of their complaint and the results of any investigation
  • Seek to learn from each complaint to improve future performance
  • Set performance targets for responding to complaints and monitor our performance against these targets

Where possible, every effort will be made to understand the complaint and reach a mutually satisfactory response for the customer and Propellus. Not every complaint will produce an agreeable outcome.

Complaint Service Standards

We will make it easy and straightforward for customers to make a complaint.

We will endeavour to respond to a customer complaint within the published timelines and keep the customer informed.

We will ensure customer’s have a full explanation to the complaint in the preferred format. We will tell customers if changes have been made to services following the complaint

To support our learning, a quarterly monitoring report will be prepared for the Leadership Team. We will also ask the customer for your feedback on how we handled the complaint and use this information to improve our services. These reports will be consolidate and presented to the Board annually.


Complaint Receipt and Handling

Any customer wishing to make a complaint can do so verbally (in person or by phone) or in writing (by e- mail, website or letter). The most appropriate person, within the scope of authority of the policy or business process that is the subject of the complaint, will respond to the complaint. When a complaint cannot be resolved at this level, the complaint recipient will transfer the complaint to the Complaint Officer.

Complaint Resolution

Every effort should be made to resolve complaints received in a timely fashion. When receiving a verbal complaint, staff should listen and seek to understand the complaint, and may attempt to resolve it immediately. Complaints received in writing will be acknowledged within two (2) business days, communicating to the complainant that his or her feedback has been received and ongoing status updates will be provided.

This communication must include the following elements:

  • Name of the person responsible for handling the customer’s complaint
  • Key elements of the firm’s Complaint Policy
  • Expected timing of the outcome

The Complaint Officer is designated as responsible for tracking all customer complaints that and for handling complaints that cannot be resolved by the initial complaint recipient. It is appropriate to escalate a complaint to the Complaint Officer when:

  • A resolution has been attempted but has been unsuccessful
  • The complaint has been received through third-party sources

Where the Complaint Officer cannot resolve the complaint, the President and CEO will assume responsibility for handling the complaint. If the complaint is about the President and CEO, the Chair of the Performance Committee will handle the complaint.

Complaint Documentation

All complaints must immediately be reported to the Complaint Officer, who has the responsibility to ensure that all complaints are handled according to the policy.

All complaints must be logged in the Complaint Log. The Complaint Log must, at least, include the following information:

  • Name and address of the complainant
  • Description of the act or practice that is thought to be unfair or in
  • Violation of any law or Propellus policy
  • Relevant facts
  • Response from Propellus
  • Name of the person delivering the response from Propellus

Complaints in the Complaint Log must be maintained for a period of 3 years, following the resolution date.

The Complaint Officer will ensure that the:

  • Customer is acknowledged in a timely manner
  • Customer's contact information is confirmed
  • Complaint is investigated and documented
  • Resolution is developed
  • Customer is kept informed at all times as to the status of their complaint
  • Final response to the complaint is provided to the customer within service standards
  • Reporting requirements contained in the policy are fulfilled

Complaints are confidential and only the people needed to resolve the concern will be involved. To submit a complaint to our Complaints Officer email

Last update: January 28, 2020