Our History

1940s –  A result of WWII was the rocketing rates in volunteerism. Urban centres responded by creating volunteer centres across the country.

1955 – The Central Volunteer Bureau was formally created by the Junior League of Calgary.

1988 – The Olympics takes Calgarians by storm and the volunteer spirit becomes part of our community culture.

1990s – Calgary non-profits needed help engaging volunteers in a meaningful way, so we began working one-on-one and side-by-side with our member organizations and citizens with a vision, to help them achieve their missions and goals.

2012 – Volunteer Calgary and CentrePoint for Non-Profit Management merge, and Propellus is born. Expanded services now allow us to continue connecting and promoting non-profits and volunteers, as well as to provide capacity-building training and resources.  

The Future – digitizing volunteerism beyond recruitment to include retention and recognition. Over 60 years of experience will be available at your desk at any time through a simple, affordable digital platform for volunteer engagement.