Meet Our Team

We are a friendly and passionate bunch, striving to be helpful resources to our city. Each of us has a unique story and a valuable skill set that we bring to our roles. As part of our common philosophy, we simply love it when passionate and inspired people reach out to us.

Have a dream? Wake us up with it! Check out our team description below to determine who the best person to chat with is. Take us up on this – we buy the coffee!



Sue Luciuk
Ask Me About
- Accounting & Finance, CRA Filing, Cycling | | 403.231.1440



Kelsey Merkeley
Ask Me About: Project Management, Community Collaboration, Social Innovation, Goldsmithing
​​ | 403.231.1426



Tracy Merrin
Ask Me About
- Membership Application, Bookkeeping, HR, NASCAR | 403.231.1430



Janet Rock
Ask Me About
- Networks & Partnerships, Systems Thinking, Trip Planning | 403.231.1442



Sheena Swierenga
Ask Me About
- Volunteer Management, Youth Engagement, Customized Learning, Jump Rope | 403.231.1427



Doug Watson
Ask Me About
- Organizational Culture, Leadership vs. Management, Adaptive Capacity, Board Governance, Castles | 403.231.1425



Andrea Young
Ask Me About - Evaluations, Program Design, Survey Design, Dill Pickles



Lori DeLuca - Currently on Maternity Leave
Ask Me About - Customized Learning, Diversity & Inclusion, Love of Exaggeration



Katie Dodd - Currently on Maternity Leave
Ask Me About - Volunteer Opportunities, Member Benefits, Job Transition, Potato Chips



Victoria Smith - Currently on Maternity Leave
Ask Me About - Fundraising, Marketing & Communications, Organization Assessment Tool & Resource Bank, Podcasting