Who We Are

For over 65 years we have been supporting volunteers and volunteerism in the communities of Calgary. Through many partnerships we continue this work across Canada because we know that volunteers are essential to creating thriving communities.


Volunteers creating thriving communities


We are a charity providing digital volunteer engagement solutions in Canada


Empowerment, Courage, Exploration, Adaptability, Resilience


Strategic Priorities

Volunteers Leading

Putting the volunteer at the center of the system of volunteerism by leveraging an online platform that supports the existing framework of Promote-Connect-Strengthen-Lead

Strengthening Volunteerism

Strengthening the system of volunteerism to grow the subscriber base of the VolunteerConnector to create organizational sustainability

Building Communities

Building community through volunteerism and partnership by nurturing a network of support for volunteers and volunteer organizations to enable volunteers, volunteer organizations and regional partners to better inform the future of volunteering through collecting, owning and sharing data