Who We Are

Propellus is here to help! We connect people in our community to volunteer opportunities and support local non-profit organizations through a variety of partnerships.


A thriving engaged community for every person


Propellus is the hub of volunteering and the resource centre for the non-profit sector


Empowerment, Courage, Exploration, Adaptability, Resilience

We are the heart and the hub of volunteering

For over 60 years we have been supporting volunteers and volunteerism within the communities of Calgary.  We continue this work today because we know that volunteering is essential to creating and sustaining, healthy, supportive, and connected communities.

  • We help build caring communities by connecting people and causes with opportunities to effect positive change.
  • We ignite and empower the spirit of volunteerism by weaving communities, causes, and passionate people together.
  • We work with organizations to ensure that people have meaningful and rewarding experiences through access to a simple, affordable digital platform to engage volunteers.
  • We link  to community partners together to help transform ideas into reality.